We carry a large and wide variety of accessories for all your two-way radios needs. From batteries and chargers to headsets and holsters, we will find what fits your radio and your job.

We are a trusted supplier of Motorola Original Parts and Accessories.

We carry parts and accessories for almost every radio manufacturer (if we don’t stock it we know where to get it).  From ICOM to Tait, and Kenwood to Vertex.  Plus we are the direct distributer for numerous aftermarket accessory manufacturers and suppliers.  We stock waterproof Microphones from Stone Mountain, headsets from OTTO, security kits and earpieces from PRYME.

We also are the West Coast distributor for Cadex – a battery analyzer solution.  Whether you are managing fleet of radios or warehouse scanners, or ensuring that your medical equipment is always ready, am complete battery maintenance systems is critical to your success.  A complete battery maintenance system allows you to:

  • Prime batteries prior to use in your equipment
  • Test batteries to ensure they will perform when needed
  • Track batteries to optimize their use in your fleet and replace them only when necessary
  • Label batteries to allow users to know that they have are using a good battery

Proper battery maintenance will result in:

  • Improved Safety and reliability
  • Lower battery costs
  • Higher Productivity

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