Electrical Supplies

We carry a large and wide variety of electrical accessories for all your two-way radios needs. We are a trusted supplier of Construction Electrical Products

Crane Lights

1000 Watt Metal Halide Light Fixtures. Tri-tap Ballasts that come prewired to 110v with 8ft plug end. Fixture also has positional “C” style mounting bracket.

Light Strings

High quality vinyl jacket 12/3 electrical cable with plugs on both ends for ease of stringing multiple lines together.

Light Guards

High quality metal and plastic guards. Replacement guards available too.

Extension Cords and Accessories

12/3 yellow vinyl SJTW cords 100 ft

12/3 Heavy Duty Rubber Jacket SOW (csa stamped) 100 ft

LED Portable Work Light & Stand

  • 51 Watt LED Panel Light
  • 3 Panel Design with rotating wings for 360o directional lighting.
  • 3000 Lumen Output white LED Illumination. Reduces eye stress and allows for better color rendering.
  • Very Low Energy Consumption – 0.47 amps on a 120V circuit. This low energy draw allows to run off of primary power and still maximize
  • ETL and CETL Listed for outdoor use. No additional guard required for Wet Location work.
  • Impact Resistant for durability in harsh environments.
  • 180° Tilt to provide illumination on various levels.
  • Very Low Heat Output allows for use in tight work areas.

First Developed and Designed by CEP - When you have a brilliant idea, expect to be copied.

Portable Power Distribution Centers (Temp Power Boxes)

CEP has engineered these utilizing the latest in GFCI technology, providing the user with the highest level of electrical safety. These power distribution centers are protected by a GFCI module giving the user open neutral and reverse phasing protection. They are U.L. listed for outdoor use and designed to stand up to the toughest of jobsite conditions. Each unit has been carefully assembled to provide the ultimate in electrical safety as well as meeting current OSHA standards.

Model 8706GU 50 Amp, 125/250 Volt, 6-20 Amp 125v GFI receptacles, 1-30 Amp 250v Receptacle